How to remove dark stains & foul smells from dirty rugs?

How to remove dark stains & foul smells from dirty rugs?

Many rug owners research and scout the dealers for the best rugs. However, the rugs might omit a strange odour or a foul smell over time. Odd smells are a common problem with area rugs and can usually be resolved by a few simple steps. There are many ways to remove dark stains and foul smells from dirty rugs. 

Odd smells are a common problem with area rugs, which simple steps can usually resolve. If the area rug continues to have issues with the odour, you should take it to an oriental rug cleaner for diagnosis. One should strictly avoid using harsh chemicals on a rug. In this blog, we have discussed How to remove dark stains & foul smells from dirty rugs?

5 Ways to Remove Dark Stains and Foul Smells From Dirty Rugs

1. Vacuum your area rug

The best thing possible you can do for your wool rug’s health is gentle vacuuming. It removes most particles from the pile of the rug. It also lightens the dark stains that settle on the rug. Odour removal is a process of elimination, and when you vacuum the rug it also removes the odour. However, there are several things one should follow after that.

2. Keep the rugs under sunlight

The most effective way of removing the bacterial odours and foul smell is by keeping the rug under sunlight so that it is exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Ultraviolet radiation disrupts the DNA of the bacteria and kills all the organisms that produce a foul smell. You should take the affected area rug outside on a dry, sunny day and try to rig it up so that the airflow and sunlight can reach the entire rug. 

If possible, you can also hang them up on a fence; after these rugs are exposed to direct sunlight for a few hours, you can flip them over to the backside. It could take you several sessions of 4-6 hours. Direct exposure to sunlight is one of the most efficient methods of eliminating bacterial and fungal odours from your rug.

3. Charcoal for odour absorption

Charcoal has been known for absorbing a wide swath of organic compounds that are odorous. These compounds might be the ones that could leave your area rug with its unique stench. You can lay the charcoal-filled pantyhose across the top of the rug, roll it up, and lay down the additional rows of the charcoal hose as you roll over the large area rug. 

You can seal it up tightly from the outside environment to ensure that the charcoal absorbs the carpet odours. After a few days, you should unwrap the rug and let it air overnight. The entire process can be repeated if the scents are powerful.

4. Make a DIY rug cleaner kit

You can make a DIY rug cleaner kit by taking one teaspoon of clear dish detergent per cup of water. One can also take half a cup of white vinegar per half cup of water and one tablespoon of ammonia per half cup of water. You can put together a stain removal kit that you can access quickly when a glass of wine tips over your rug. This solution is also used for other stains that make your rug look less desirable. You can put these solutions in a labelled spray bottle and make your homemade carpet-cleaning kit.

5. The kitty litter treatment

The kitty litter, also known as the natural clay, does a beautiful job of absorbing all sorts of stinking odours. You should sprinkle unscented kitty litter all over your rug. However, you should avoid grinding it down to the pile. Everything depends upon the intensity of the smell. If the smell is too strong, it might take up to a few days to fully absorb the odour. You should let the rug sit in peace for a while. After one or two days, you should shake off as much of the kitty litter as possible. You can also vacuum the rug a few times after doing all this.


These are some ways to remove the dark stains and foul smells from dirty rugs. However, if these tricks do not work for you, then you can take help from professional rug cleaners. You can surely find a solution for such persisting problems from a certified carpet and rug cleaning company in your area.