Necessary Points To Consider During Cleaning Cat Waste From A Persian Rug 

Necessary Points To Consider During Cleaning Cat Waste From A Persian Rug 

With the art of tradition and level of artistic details, Persian rugs have been proving their elegance and became luxurious interior decor. These rugs are woven with wool, cotton and silk as the main materials. So, when cleaning cat waste from Persian rug necessities arises, then you need to make sure to act accordingly to different rug materials. Because vinegar damages wool but this doesn’t happen with the silk and cotton fibres of the Persian rug. Therefore, if you want to know the dos and don’ts of cleaning cat waste from Persian rug, read our blog to know valuable information. 

Take Note Of The Following Points During Persian Rug Cleaning If It Has Pet Waste 

  • Do’s Of Persian Rug Cleaning
  1. Solutions For Mild And Strong Odour Removal
  • To Remove Mild Odours
  • When you are in close proximity to the Persian rug and only then if you smell pet waste odour, then they are considered mild odours
  • For mild odour removal, you need to cover the affected area with baking soda and then gently work the soda into the rug
  • After that, the affected area along with baking soda should be left overnight for a minimum of 12 hours. Because this action slowly absorbs the mild odours
  • The last thing you need to do to make sure in order to find no more mild odours is to vacuum away the baking soda
  • However, if you still find lingering odours, repeat all the above steps again. 
  • To Remove Strong Odours
  • Despite being far away from your Persian rug that became a victim of pet waste, if you smell persistent odours, you can consider them as strong odours
  • To remove overbearing pet waste odours, you need to spray white vinegar that is diluted over the affected rug area. Note- to only that extent where the solution wet the rug fibres and does not completely soak them
  • Then, sprinkle baking soda over diluted white vinegar to neutralize strong odours coming from the Persian rug
  • Now, take a clean white cloth to blot dry and let the ingredients form into rug fibres and sit for at least 6 hours. Then, let it completely dry 
  • Finish off the strong pet waste odour removal process by vacuuming the rug thoroughly.
  1. Water With Follow-Up DIY Tricks 
  • Cleaning cat waste from a Persian rug becomes easier if you first clean the rug with water for excess pet waste removal 
  • Once you find that excess pet waste is safely removed, then implement those DIY tricks on Persian rugs that make use of safe products. Because they do not leave any stains and residues behind
  • There are different tricks that you can follow in order to remove pet waste from Persian rugs. One of which is below:
    • Despite cleaning cat waste from Persian rug, you will find the stains cat waste left behind
    • So, make a spray by mixing white distilled vinegar and lukewarm water in equal amounts and spray it over the stains
    • Blot-dry the sprayed area with an absorbent clean cloth in order to transfer the stains from the rug onto the cloth
    • Lastly comes the use of your chosen product and its spraying over the Persian rugs to find no more pets, more waste and stains from it. 
  1. Use Enzyme Cleaners For Cleaning
  • Enzyme cleaners are environmentally friendly as well as for your pets 
  • The enzyme cleaners are an easy solution to break down the messes of urine or other waste of pet 
  • In fact, these cleaners can also be used on floors that have a vinyl plank in addition to many more surfaces
  • In the market, you avail these enzyme cleaners that are specifically manufactured for cleaning cat waste from a Persian rug
  • Use of enzyme cleaner on a Persian rug is easy but one shouldn’t do this prior to removing the excess pet waste from the rug
  • Then, follow the directions on the enzyme cleaner you purchased from the market to apply it over the rug. After applying, let it sit for at least 5 minutes 
  • The final step is to grab clean but old cloth in order to clean the enzyme cleaner from the rug.
  • Don’ts Of Persian Rug Cleaning 
  1. Use Of Ammonia

If ammonia or ammonia-based products are used for cleaning cat waste from Persian rug, it gives the opposite results you are looking forward to. Because ammonia will in fact react with pet waste and the waste on Persian rugs becomes more concentrated. Moreover, ammonia reacting with pet wastes reinforces strong and bad odours. Also, this accidental reaction makes your job harder if the pet waste gets into the padding of your Persian rug. In fact, if this really happens, there arises the chance of replacing the rug padding as a whole instead of just cleaning it. 

  1. Action Of Rubbing Harshly

One thing you need to keep in mind is to not rub harshly during cleaning cat waste from Persian rug. This is because your harsh rug against the Persian rug fibres harms its texture and structure. Moreover, it can also lead to colour fading over the long run and makes the value of Persian rug go down. In fact, the quality of your Persian rug will also degrade if you do not stop rubbing action. So, make sure to stop rubbing whenever you are implementing a DIY tip or trick. Instead, you can blot dry the affected area. 

  1. Vinegar Damages Wool Fibres 

Researchers have proven that solutions like vinegar which is highly alkaline in nature damage wool fibres in Persian rugs. Despite the desirable results it gives, vinegar is a “no-no” to Persian rugs if used even one time. In fact, vinegar can be used if it is diluted and if an equal amount of water is used. So, when you notice stains from coffee or ketchup other than pet waste, you need to avoid using vinegar in order to keep wool fibres safe. 


When experts take cleaning cat waste from Persian rug into their hands, the treatment your rugs get is different from what your DIYs give. Contact an accredited company that can dispatch certified rug cleaners if you want the gentlest and deepest cleaning. Moreover, if you want your rugs to be not damaged during or after the professional rug cleaning process, then expert hands are the safe ones. Because prior to implementing rug cleaning services, professional cleaners run a colourfast test in order to prevent shrinkage and colour fading. With practical knowledge gained over years, experts know how to customise cleaning methods for all kinds of rugs. So, do take their assistance.